High Quality Decisions

When people make decisions, they’re usually optimistic that the course they choose will produce a good outcome. At the same time, we know that factors that we don’t control may interfere. So what can we do to influence the outcome in our favor? We can build quality into the decision process by controlling six ingredients for High Quality Decisions:

Articulating Your Values and Financial Goals

What do you value, and how do those values translate into financial goals? To make sure the financial planning process puts us on the appropriate path, we need carefully defined goals that allow us to establish the navigation markers we’ll rely on to track progress and stay on course. Sila Resources facilitates the discussions that produce clear statements of your vision, values, and financial goals.

Framing Your Decisions

How do we define the decisions that face us? If we mis-specify the problem, wheels can spin interminably. We provide an experienced outside observer’s perspective, working with you to identify specific challenges and the decisions they require.

Identifying Practical Approaches

A High Quality Decision process will include consideration of a wide range of alternative approaches that might help meet each particular challenge. The judgment and experience of a resourceful, broadly educated advisor can produce creative solutions that could otherwise be overlooked.

Gathering the Right Information

Once the alternatives are identified, we have to gather the relevant information about each. No one person is likely to be the complete specialist on every alternative. As your advisor, we focus on becoming expert in understanding you, our client. Then we access a deep pool of resources that complements our own expertise.

Analyzing Alternatives

The support of an advisor who has experience with High Quality Decisions – one who can create the quantitative and the qualitative comparisons necessary to see the distinctions across alternatives – allows quick analysis. With the insightful professional guidance that we provide, clients can reach conclusions efficiently and confidently.

Taking Purposeful Action

Most of the value derived from the financial planning process comes from implementing changes. High Quality Decisions mean little without a bias for implementation action. We have the capability and resources to work with you through all implementation actions, coordinating with other advisors as appropriate and bringing in new expertise as needed.

Following a High Quality Decision process will ensure that all relevant issues are thoroughly considered before you commit to a particular course of action. At Sila Resources, we understand how to build quality into the decision process, allowing us to help improve confidence in your financial health, quickly and efficiently.